Artificial Intelligence Helps Antwerp University Hospital Radiologists Save Lives

TEL AVIV, Israel and ANTWERP, Belgium, Jan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Aidoc, the leading provider of AI solutions for radiologists announced that Antwerp University Hospital has purchased Aidoc”s neuro solution. Aidoc identifies time-sensitive and life-threatening conditions in CT scans, flagging them to ensure that the images are seen immediately by a radiologist. This results in faster diagnoses and higher quality patient care. Antwerp University Hospital was among the first institutions in Europe to incorporate Aidoc”s cutting-edge technology.

Earlier last year, the university hospital was the first facility in Europe to incorporate Aidoc”s solution into their clinical workflow in order to better detect two life-threatening conditions: cervical spine (C-spine) fractures and intracranial hyperdensities (ICH).

Radiology is one of Antwerp University Hospital”s focal points, performing 160,000 procedures per year, offering high-quality patient care, and embracing ground-breaking research. The hospital prides itself in its forward-thinking radiology department, which is constantly taking steps to increase efficiency through the incorporation of innovative technologies. The ability of the hospital to apply Aidoc”s solution into their already existing GE PACS without making any changes to their workflow is revolutionary for both the patients and the radiologists.

‘Aidoc helps us to make important imaging decisions,’ said Prof. Paul Parizel, Chairman of Imaging at the University of Antwerp. ‘AI is becoming increasingly important in all elements of radiology. Historically, neuroradiology has always been the starting point of innovation. Aidoc has wisely started by detecting the most critical cases, speeding up diagnosis in areas where time really matters.’

‘Our solution works alongside radiologists, providing them with the ability to make precise, timely decisions for optimal patient care,’ said Aidoc”s CEO Elad Walach. ‘Aidoc isn”t meant to replace the radiologists, rather it is used to enhance their capabilities, drastically improving patient care. The Antwerp University Hospital is an amazing partner that recognized that to advance in the medical field they must incorporate forward-thinking tools into their workflow, optimizing the quality of the care they provide their patients, and ultimately saving lives.’

The adoption by Antwerp University Hospital is expected to be quickly followed by other top hospitals in the region.

Media contact

Ariella Shoham
VP Marketing


The Antwerp University Hospital radiology department uses Aidoc”s innovative AI solution to improve the quality of patient treatment and increase department efficiency


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