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We came up with the idea of merging BI tecnlogy with I.mec after careful consultation with our clients from Italy and other parts of the world. I.mec has been a go-to for a wide range of pumps, agitators, and tanks since the late 80s. It produces products for the following sectors; ceramic, food, industrial, pharmaceutical, certifications, and recycling.

The Company

Our certification

Our Products and Fields of Application

Our Mixing Tanks


The Company

The mission of our company is to completely satisfy everyone who turns to us. We pursue that goal in every service that we provide. BI technology and I.mec tries to be as reliable as possible in different scenes including iron removal and screening.

Our Products and Fields of Application

We make products for use in various sectors. They include the following.

• Vibrating sieves

• Mastelli

• Metallic cloths

• Agitators

• Mill unloading groups

• Deferrizers and filters

• Pumps

• Melter Groups

Our Certification

We have certification to confirm that our products and services are legal and safe for use. The following are some of our certifications. In the EU, certification may either be compulsory or voluntary depending on the product in question. Companies that choose to get certification even when it is not a requirement help their clients to trust them. Certification is equal to assurance that a product or service is safe and reliable. Bitecnology performs well and meets the industry quality standards. Some of the company’s certifications include; Ex Atex and TUV InterCert SAAR Certificate.

Mixing Tank

If you are looking for an industrial tank, we may provide you with a solution. You can get a quote for your – Mixing Tank by speaking to one of our agents or filling out a form on our site. Contact us on 39 0522 927009 or 39 0522 517492. When buying your tank from us, it is important to consider the needs of your industry. The specifications should suit your needs. Ensure that the design gives you a wide application with little crush. Ensure that it is stable and the loading rate meets your expectations.

Our agents will provide you with truthful information about the product to ensure that you make an informed choice. Our tanks are designed to last long and avoid leakage. If you are unsure of the right tank for your needs, we are happy to give you advice. Our quotes are competitive, and we do not impose any hidden charges.

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