Kasko2go Governance is Joined by Raj Singh, High-profile Expert

Raj Singh, an Executive at Standard Life Aberdeen PLC, becomes a board member and shareholder of Kasko2go – innovative & digital collision insurance solution on demand. At Standard Life Aberdeen PLC from 2013 to January 2018 Raj Singh as a member of the executive was responsible for Risk, Conduct and Compliance, having £670 Billion AUM and 6m customers, operating in UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Raj Singh has leveraged his vast knowledge developing strategies to manage financial, strategic, and operational risks. Year 2011 was marked by the establishment of his own advisory firm, Accredere AG, advising on risk, capital, and reinsurance issues, today he continues to be a non-Executive Board member. Prior to occupying the Group CRO positions at Swiss Re and Allianz, Raj Singh held different senior positions at Citibank during 1988-2002.

Insurance companies lose billions of dollars as fraud comprises half of all insurance claims. There are three major issues: fraud, heavy infrastructure and costliness, and equally high prices for everybody. Situation requires an innovative solution, which is now being provided by Kasko2go application.

The blockchain and AI-based Insurtech application Kasko2go is ready-to-market and is set to combat motor insurance fraud and ensure drivers” safety. GetMeIns™ technology, which is implemented in Kasko2go application, brings together AI, link, visual, and text analytics, image and signal processing, and is the most accurate anti-fraud technology ever developed.

The innovativeness of this market-ready product is brought to life by a robust team of highly professional experts, who are privileged to welcome Raj Singh on the board.

I have been involved in insurance for over 30 years. We had been practicing traditional processes for too long, as large-scale corporations and the industry in general do not easily lend themselves to changes. Introducing innovative technologies is no longer a perk for new companies: it is their prerogative. I am particularly excited to be part of this blockchain-based project as it enables car insurance offering priced on customer”s behavior and lifestyle analytics’, as noted by Raj Singh.

Today Kasko2go stands on four pillars: R-Telematika (R&D and Software Development), Kasko2go, fraud detection system development by Click-Ins Ltd. (GetMeIns™), and R-Stat (Sales and Business Operations). The Kasko2go application has been successfully tested in Eastern European countries, having 25 000 users.

From April 15 Kasko2go will become the first motor insurance application to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

ZUG, Switzerland, March 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

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