Mumbai: opened the airport terminal 2 furnished by Matteograssi

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Matteograssi was chosen to supply with Meeting seats the new airport terminal most well-known and bustling of Mumbai .

The city of Mumbai has two airports, one for domestic flights and one near the town of Andheri, in the Maharashtra region , the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, which is considered the most important airport of India.

Its area extends for 6 sq. km. , and has more than 45 take-offs and landings international per hour.

The new Terminal Building called T2, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport has become a hub for several airlines, and is able to accommodate 40 million passengers a year .


The T2 has been integrated to 4 terminal already operational and has an area of ​​over 439,000 square meters. which includes new taxiways and apron areas for the parking of aircraft that must meet a high level of transit travellers as well .

The new project optimized the use of the terminal, being 24 hours operational, with improvements in the 21,000 square meters of parking areas dedicated to shopping and dining spaces and a wi-fi network with free access for all passengers. The new T2 has 104 positions safeguards, 188 check-in counters , 47 escalators , 73 elevators. Furthermore 11 platforms baggage , 25 bridges connecting fixed and 52 passenger boarding bridges are also available.

As for Terminal1, operative since 2010, Matteograssi furnished the new T2 by approximately 10,000 Meeting seats, design by Stefano Grassi, made ​​entirely in Agadir , Coloniale and Rosso Bulgaro coach hide. Meeting is a real must among the Matteograssi proposals. Versions with low backrest and chaise longue variant were both chosen.

The seats with their aesthetic and high quality, combined with skilful handwork typical of Matteograssi, integrate the environment, highlighting the elegance and modern design, creating an atmosphere of ultimate luxury and comfort.

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