Working Capital 2013: the 30 startups that made it

During last year Working Capital opened three new accelerators in Rome, Milan and Catania, thus expanding its presence in the Italian startup ecosystem. Startups enrolled in the WCAP program enjoy several benefits, such as “Fast Track“, allowing them to become Telecom Italia suppliers with a streamlined process. After a mere 5 months since its opening ceremony Working Capital received over 2300 business ideas, and selected the 30 most interesting ones. 15 of them were accepted in the July-October WCAP Acceleration Program. On November 13th 15 new teams have been awarded with a €25K grant for their innovative business idea. These are the …

Working Capital 2013: the 30 startups that made it

During last year Working Capital opened three new accelerators in Rome, Milan and Catania, thus expanding its presence in the Italian startup ecosystem.

Startups enrolled in the WCAP program enjoy several benefits, such as “Fast Track“, allowing them to become Telecom Italia suppliers with a streamlined process.


After a mere 5 months since its opening ceremony Working Capital received over 2300 business ideas, and selected the 30 most interesting ones. 15 of them were accepted in the July-October WCAP Acceleration Program. On November 13th 15 new teams have been awarded with a €25K grant for their innovative business idea.

These are the chosen startups:

15 accelerated startups with grant

Bancha is a social platform where users can meet people they share interests with and find informations about activities and events that are taking place in their city or the city they are visiting and at the same time a marketplace where they can buy travel activities.
Bancha can expand internationally because travelers desire to experiment local activities in order to enhance their experience is growing in the world.

Butlr is an innovative technological platform that combines the latest hardware and entertainment devices with a smart, easy-to-use and reliable application that delivers to end users an exceptional and unique customer experience.The idea behind Butlr is to provide 5 stars hotels with tablets running a built in software that enables guests to geo-localize points of interest, surf the web, make reservation for hotel services and purchase premium products from selected luxury local businesses.

Dropin is the first online recording studio, a cloud platform where musicians can upload their own tracks and invite other musicians to collaborate remotely to the processes of composition and production, accessing it via web or mobil devices.
Musicians can expand their professional network and work free from the constraints of geography and time with other musicians all over the world, the service is in fact available in the three most widely spoken languages in the world: English, Spanish and Chinese, as well as Italian.

Edo is a service available through desktop and mobile clients that allows users to organize and share any type of digital content (email, documents, links, etc..), Regardless of where they are, on your computer or on your web services.

Ganiza is a social planning app for discovering things to do, organising get togethers with friends and joining social activities effortlessly.

GoalShouter is a crowd-sourcing platform helping anyone to collect, share and broadcast high-quality sports-data in real-time, generating value for clubs, media, supporters, brands, tournament organizers and coaches into a growing extimated international market of 1.3+ MLD € (just on football).

PanPan is the solution to the 4+ millions location-based questions asked everyday on Twitter, which not surprisingly in most cases receive no answer. In fact, Twitter has no focus on putting in contact people who ask questions and those who can answer.

Pathflow is real life analytics. We study how customers move and behave inside a location, we match this analysis with marketing and sales data and we generate dashboards with objective informations and analysis. Our tools will finally allow retailers to really know their customers and their shopping habits.

Pedius is a communication service helping hearing impaired people to make normal phone calls, using voice recognition technologies and speech synthesis.

Qking is a web platform for one-to-one challenges between potential chefs. From a single ingredient, challengers will have to produce original and creative recipes to be voted by the community on social networks.

Sportered is the wiki platform to share and create information about all categories and types of sport. The platform and the mobile application facilitate the creation of the content form the user in order to make them the protagonist. Based on the wiki logic aim at giving a new opportunity of visibility to players, fans, journalists and sports clubs who are not represented on the traditional media.

Starteed provides the platform and back office services for crowdfunding industry. We offer customized platforms thanks to our white label solution for donation, rewards and equity markets with the advantage of saving realization and implementation costs.

ViciniDiCasa the first Sharing Economy Platform connecting neighbors and giving a boost to the collaborative consumption amongst neighbors: trade buyng and selling. A place designed to share information, news, commercial reviews and events to improve neighbour’s quality life.

Wanderio is a web application that takes the online travel experience to the next level, taking care of the user from doorstep to final destination.
Wanderio compares flights, trains, ferries and ground transportation services, to let the user choose and book the solution that suits him best, sorting alternatives by price, travel time, and CO2 emissions.

Welco is the device which allows you to connect your home/office intercom to your smartphone or to your tablet.Our product will make you control your home wherever you are; in few easy steps, following the online manual, you will have your Welco ready to be used without calling for assistance or installation technician.

15 new grant

The web is a valuable source of data, but this data is not processable automatically.
Data Extraction is the task of generating an API or a spreadsheet (structured data) out of a web site.
The development of solutions to scale-out the extraction of data from web sources is a challenging issue. Data are collected from web pages by means of specialized programs or scripts called Wrappers. Wrappers are adopted by many big players, i.e. Yahoo!, Google, Kayak, and many startups, i.e. CicerOOs, Wanderio. The generation and the maintenance of Wrappers is often a really expensive task, they require experienced developers to manually craft these programs. ALFRED scale-out the generation and the maintenance of Wrappers by delegating simple tasks to workers recruited from crowdsourcing platforms creating a cost effective data extraction tool.

Bad Seed
BadSeed is a young italian startup, providing fresh and fun high quality mobile games for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.The focus of the company is on quality and originality. We aims to make the difference in terms of cool design concepts, original gameplay mechanics and cute graphics. By relying on a skilled team with years of experience in the videogames industry, the company intends to bring the quality of console games on mobile platforms.

Ex4Neck is a low-cost product based on web and mobile platforms for the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disorders of the cervical spine. Through the use of the webcam already available in mobile devices and algorithms of the facial recognition system is capable of measuring the movements the movements of the neck. On this basis, the system allows to propose and monitor various types of exercises and provide objective assessments of motor performance. Through the use of innovative technologies and solutions in the ICT system also offers the possibility of interaction with rehabilitation professionals. Given the high incidence of disorders of the cervical spine The system has broad prospects for social impact.

Our product will provide a faster and funnier serving process for all customers of clubs. Moreover it will also improve the working experience of bartenders who will have the chance to increase their profits through a well-organized workflow.
Cloubs as an integrated service, also invents the smart clubbing!
Pick your beloved club, get there, order fast through the app for you and your friends as you never done before, and get back home with a private driver!
That’s smart clubbing!

ClouDesire is a new all-in-one powerful cloud service marketplace which helps Software Vendors and Service Providers to go cloud and build their own enterprise application store, leveraging the enormous opportunities provided by Cloud Infrastructures (public, hybrid, private). In a few clicks, without cloud-specific knowledge or infrastructure investments.
ClouDesire aim is to meet the growing need to migrate to the cloud and to the XaaS business model and to lower the current barriers to entry, by providing tools which automate several expensive and time-consuming tasks. It is committed to solve the Software Vendors’ troubles, while providing ready-to-sell SaaS apps to Service Providers and end users.
ClouDesire provides technical features to upload and deploy native and non-native cloud applications, no matter which application stack they use, on any cloud infrastructure (public, private, hybrid) in a few minutes and without specific know-how. It also comes up with a set of tools which let both Software Vendors and Service Providers to manage a branded one-stop-shop of their own, where customers and end-users can find and buy their preferred cloud applications more easily and quickly.
The platform is aligned with leading edge developments in cloud computing and integrates the most advanced features of the best currently available PaaS offerings with those of the cloud marketplace management platforms.

Fattura24 is a cloud service, used by web or mobile app, which allows any freelancer or company to manage their billing in mobility. Used in Italy for over 15 thousand vat, Fattura24 offers a billing profile of the cloud, which permanently changes the paradigm with which in recent decades companies and professionals have managed bills: so no more locally to your computer using the most popular packages office but with complete mobility and the ability to share documents with customers, suppliers and accountant.

Our product is a technology that allows to locate a person in indoor environments. It is similar to GPS but it works indoors
where GPS does not work. It works without any supporting infrastructure. It use the anomalies that affect the Earth’s magnetic field inside buildings due to the presence of ferromagnetic objects. The technology is usable directly on new generation smartphones and represents the basis for the development of location-based services within closed environments.

Hack Academy
Hack Academy lets you dream, learn and build your own digital objects, in an easy and fun way. The online educational platform enables you to become an Open Hardware master, starting from the italian pride in the field, Arduino. One ultimate goal: hardware that works for you, not the other way around!

The hubotics project aims to develop a cheap wearable system to restore natural movements in people with motor impairments.
The system is composed of an actuated mechanical exoskeleton and a set of skin-electrodes. The idea behind its functioning is simple: while the exoskeleton guides the limb, the electrodes stimulate the muscles, aiming to a complete rehabilitation of the limb.
One of the main purposes of the project is that of maintaining a really low-cost for the final product, enabling its use by all those people who have no access to costly devices. This is achieved using the 3D printing technology to realize the mechanical structure and using off-the-shelf technologies for the other components (motors, electrodes , etc..).
The system can be controlled remotely (by a therapist) or by the user, by decoding his/her will to do a movement with commercial electro-myographic recording devices.
Thanks to the combination of cheap 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques, the system can be easily and cheaply customized to each user’s needs, enabling a user-centered design.
Thanks to its cheapness, it could be used both by professionals both by the final users themselves.

Hula is the new expression for consumer happiness. Have you ever talked about your last purchase with a friend? Did that friend’s advice motivate you to purchase that product? Creating a shopping serendipity experience, Hula is a mobile app and website that allows shoppers to share their favorite purchases, discover what like-minded people are buying, and buy the trustworthy products that are vetted by their peers online.

Intoino is the start-up for creative inventors or MAKERS: people willing to make a new electronic product, but they don’t know how to build it.
Intoino, simply put, is like LEGO but you can build electronic devices and Internet of Things instead of toys without being a programmer or an engineer, inventing everything you have in mind!
For example you can build systems that irrigates and control your plants automatically while in vacation or switching off lights and thermal heat when your go out or even get notification on the phone when your pet is moving at home.

Secure Distributed Backup System
Secure Distributed Backup System is a secure storage system of personal data using algorithms of file fragmentation, of redundancy and encryption, that allows the user to upload their data in the Cloud with a guarantee that only he can rebuild and access them.

Slowd is a platform for real Zero-Mile Design, creating a diffused production system drawing on the talent of emerging designers and the quality of crafts companies. It’s a project which makes it possible to turn projects into profits, broadening business horizons for SMEs a providing the end user with a highly innovative product.
It’s the first truly diffused-factory!

Smarfle is a mobile music player that learns user’s music listening habits and automagically selects the right music at the right time.
We think that music listening is more enjoyable if the music matches the activities users are carrying out. So Smarfle learns user’s music taste and associates it to what the user is doing. Smarfle’s unique peculiarity is its proactivity: after a learning period, Smarfle is capable of automatically identifying which activity the user is involved in, so it can select just the music the user wants to listen to.

TREAT develop software solutions for humanoid robots matching the market need for social, personal and eHealth robotics. Established in 2013, with the primary objective to develop new solutions for the treatment of development diseases, in particular autism. We operate in collaboration with the local health to develop the platform “roboMate” to help doctors, therapists and parents with autistic children.

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